March 18, 2011

Dear Dr. Engel,

I'm thrilled with my new front teeth.

You did a fantastic job. Better than a face lift.

I smile all the time now. I didn't realize what a great difference perfect front teeth could make.

I'm now full of self confidence, thanks to you. Thank you for being there for me.



Oyster Bay

In 1974 I married and moved to an entirely "foreign" area for me - Long Island. Naturally, I needed a new set of professionals for my medical and dental care, and the nearest dental office was that of Dr. Carmine Fasano in East Norwich. Gratefully, Dr. Fasano proved to be an excellent choice - as was his young associate Dr. Neil R. Engel.

Fast forward to 1995, when my household moved to Princeton, NJ. It was only two hours from Dr. Engel and I saw no reason to leave the excellent care he provided. And so, I never seriously considered changing dentists.

After a dozen year in Princeton, it was time to seek a retirement community outside New Jersey's taxation tenticles and we chose Pinehurst, North Carolina, over 500 miles farther south.

But, by now Dr. Engel and his office staff had become "my" dentist and for major items I resolved to remain their patient. This year I needed a dental implant, a procedure which necessitates skilled, dedicated professional care. I have commuted back to Dr. Neil Engel to complete the procedure. Perhaps this decision conveys better than mere words could the high level of comfort and confidence I have in Dr. Engel and his staff.


Pinehurst, N.C.

June 25 2011,

Dear Dr. Engel

I recently had some major cosmetic dentistry performed by Dr. Neil Engel. For some time I needed to address old laminates that I had undergone many years ago. Not being exactly sure on which method to choose to replace the laminates was a difficult decision. Dr. Engel spent quite a bit of time going over various options that would not only enhance my smile, but be financially feasible. We decided that for me a porcelain fixed bridge would be a sound approach.

Although I was a little nervous undergoing such a major procedure, and being unsure of the outcome, Dr. Engel alleviated my fears with his thorough knowledge and expertise. I am thrilled with my new bridge and have received many compliments on my "new smile." Although there is still some cosmetic work to be done, Dr. Engel and I are working together on a step-by-step approach. I could not be happier with the new bridge. It is both comfortable and appealing. I appreciate the time and patience that was extended to me not only by Dr. Engel but by his wonderful staff.

Gina Oliver

June 26, 2011

Dearest Dr. Engel

You were indeed my “Angel” on Sunday June 26 th . Your dedication and professional manner gave me great comfort.

I am now enjoying a happy healthy summer in P.A.


Loretha Barnick